About Us

Buneyard’s ethos is to provide a tailored service based on the intricacies of customer’s cultural coffee rituals, personal preferences and daily routine. It aims to enrich the experiences of coffee lovers and make the best coffee beans available to everyone.

Buneyard [n.]
Meaning: The Land of Coffee
Pronunciation - Boon-yard
About Us

Buneyard is a Club for Coffee Lovers

We connect you with the very best coffee produced by independent roasters, farms and plantations.

This isn’t coffee as you know it.

Here at Buneyard, you’ll find small-batch coffee that’s been roasted by people who know how to bring the best flavours out of every bean.

A good coffee roaster understands the inherent flavour profiles of their chosen bean, then roasts it to draw out its optimal flavours. One bean could have notes of cinnamon and dark chocolate, another of lemon rind and hibiscus. There are hundreds of varieties to fall in love with.

We don’t force our roasters to sell the same coffee beans every month. We allow them to sell whatever they’re into at that moment in time, giving them the freedom to play around with flavours and create fresh and exclusive roasts for you to try.


Coffee is Special

Coffee is the most fascinating drink on the planet. Depending on which region it came from and how it was grown and processed, one cup of coffee can have completely different flavour notes to another.


Coffee Changes

Like food, coffee has seasonal changes. It can change when you pick it and how you pick it. From Oceania to The Americas and beyond, coffee farmers throughout the world produce coffee in their own unique way.


Coffee Comes a Long Way

We believe that coffee tastes better when you get to know the people who produced it. By sharing the story and origin of where your roast comes from, our goal is to promote coffee diversity and transform the way you enjoy your daily brew.

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