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Bulk wholesale bags of ground coffee are often low-quality and go stale before you has a chance to
finish the bag. Buneyard can solve this problem with amazing artisan coffee in larger pack sizes that are
customized to the size of your business.

Whom We Service

Cafés / Coffee Shops

Multi-roaster shop? We have you covered with access to a variety of roasters & suppliers to shuffle through, proper order management & inventory.


Need coffee for a restuarant or hotel? We are able to provide you with access to different roasters at varied price points.

Markets / Retail Spaces

Want to provide a vast array of coffee options for your customers? Buneyard allows you to order from multiple roasters.

Better Coffee = Happier People

If your employees rely on coffee to keep them going, put a spring in their step with fantastic coffee to drink as they tackle tasks throughout the day.

Impress clients, guests and customers

You can tell a lot about a place by the coffee it serves. When trying to make a good impression, the devil is in the detail. Serve coffee that you’re proud to share and talk about with others. Buneyard’s artisan coffee builds relationships and changes the way businesses are perceived.

Please contact us and we’ll work on the type of coffee you need, no contract necessary: support@buneyard.com

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